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Deciding on how to put together a will or complete estate plan always comes with loads of stress and anxiety. Consider the benefits of having the area’s #1 local Family Seminole Will Lawyer on your side!


A major component of Probate Law is developing a will, trust or other estate plan.  A person’s Last Will and Testament disposes of one’s estate as of the date of death. A Trust controls an estate for years after a person’s death.


We use an optional, Specific Bequest clause in our Last Will and Testament(s). This clause specifies a sum certain in money to a beneficiary or, by a separate writing, a specific item of personal property (like a grandfather clock, jewelry heirloom, Barbie doll collection or baseball card collection.)


A Codicil to a Last Will and Testament is also a separate writing, but this instrument may modify an existing Last Will and Testament by increasing/decreasing estate property, the number of beneficiaries or the distribution of the assets.

A Health Care Surrogate is a person appointed by the declarant to make health care decisions in the event the declarant is unable to make the decision. And yes, your Health Care Surrogate should have one or, your original Living Wills.

Living Wills

A Living Will is an instrument used to address a person’s right NOT to be left alive by artificial means. A DO NOT RESUSCITATE clause is paramount in a Living Will as a manifestation of one’s desire not to be kept alive by artificial means. More importantly, it is essential to express your wishes to as many people as possible.

I prepare three (3) original Living Wills for my declarant/clients, with the suggestion that the give one to their doctor; one to their priest, minister or rabbi; and, one to a person they can trust to express their dying wish.



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