Looking for a Seminole Change of Name Lawyer ?

While a name change pursuant to a final judgment of dissolution of marriage is based solely on the election of the wife, a civil name change is more involved. We mention it here solely to advise you of this entitlement as an issue to be considered in a dissolution of marriage proceeding. For a more in-depth discussion of changing one’s name, not associated with a dissolution of marriage proceeding, please see change of section on this website.

What services must a Seminole Change of Name Lawyer perform?

With 37 years of experience, traditionally these are the details that I must assure are accomplished…..

Make sure the Petitioner files a verified petition stating that he/she is a bona fide resident of and domiciled in the county where the name change is sought; the date and place of birth of Petitioner; Petitioner’s father’s name and mother’s maiden name and, where the Petitioner has resided since birth.

Assure that If the Petitioner is married, the name of Petitioner’s spouse and, if Petitioner has children, the names and ages of each and where they reside. In the event Petitioner has previously had a name change, when, where and by what court.

Confirm the Petitioner’s employment and identify where Petitioner has been employed for the past five (5) years prior to filing for his/her name change.

Determine whether or not Petitioner has ever been generally known or called by any other names, and if so, by what names and where. Also whether or not Petitioner has ever been convicted of a felony or has declared bankruptcy.

Determine whether or not a money judgment has ever been entered against the Petitioner and if so, the name of the judgment creditor, the amount and date of thereof, the court by which entered, and whether the judgment has been satisfied.

Finally, develop and file a statement that the petition is not filed for any ulterior or illegal purpose and granting it will not in any manner invade the property rights of others, whether a partnership, patent, goodwill, privacy, trademark or otherwise.

Attachments need to be filed with this petition and include;

  • Fingerprints
  • Certified background check
  • Affidavit of Non-Arrest

If you are considering a Change of Name here in Seminole, my knowledge of local Seminole law combined with my 37 years of experience can guide you through these details without any pain points.