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Is that child REALLY mine?…Looking for a Seminole Determination of Paternity Lawyer?

A Seminole Determination of Paternity Lawyer can draw up a Petition to Determine Paternity and for Related Relief, as addressed in Chapter 742, Florida Statutes.  In it, a party is requesting the Court to determine that another party, or even the Petitioner himself, is the natural/biological parent of a minor child/ren. The action determines paternity, custody of the minor child/ren, parental responsibility, and child support. A DNA test is available to either party, at their own cost.  There are many steps that must be followed for proper determination, according to the courts.

Why might I need a Seminole Determination of Paternity Lawyer?

The paternity action must state the county of residence for each party and, in what county the act of conception took place. In addition, it must clearly state whether either party is (or are) members of the United States military or, if either party is mentally incapacitated.

The petition must further state the name, date of birth, place of birth, and sex of each child sought to be addressed in the petition.

The petition may request a contribution towards the hospital and/or birthing expenses incurred on behalf of the minor children, as well as any special needs the offspring may have.

Future child support will be based on each party’s respective available net monthly incomes, calculated by the Florida Child Support Guidelines formula, which includes additional calculations for health insurance, day costs, and life insurance to secure the payor’s obligation of support. Child support may be retroactive to the date of birth of the minor children subject to the paternity proceedings.

As always, the parties are encouraged to resolve their respective rights, duties, and obligations resulting from this paternity action by agreement and, by also executing a Parenting Plan and Time Share Agreement. These documents delineate the parties intentions regarding the minor children