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A good Seminole Divorce Counseling Lawyer can change your future!

Any divorce affects every aspect of your life. Divorce is more than a legal problem; it is also a lifestyle change. Your financial status changes; your relationships with friends, parents, in-laws, and even your own children change. Your residence may change, you own less property, less furniture and you have less money and income. Your credit may even be harmed. If that weren’t enough, family law litigation can be a complicated experience.

If you are considering a divorce, you need to completely change the way you think and act. It is vital that you understand that you are no longer “partners” with your spouse. Your spouse will now be acting in their own best interest. Therefore, you will need to take care of yourself in terms of your financial assets. You need to take steps immediately to protect your money and get control of your financial situation. Even before you talk to your spouse, you should talk to a divorce lawyer about your legal rights and the steps you need to take to prepare for your divorce. Divorce is more complicated than most people believe. I will help you understand the issues of your particular situation and develop a plan for preparing for and surviving your divorce financially.

It is also critically important to remember that you have to live with the consequences of your actions during the divorce, which is especially important when there are children involved. Rather than striking out in anger or retaliating in kind, it is important for you to try to take the “high road” where the children are involved. I will assist you in understanding the best way to protect your children from being involved in your divorce and guide you through the difficult times as well.

You are facing the reorganization of your family and your life. It is my goal to get you to the other side of this crisis with a minimal amount of financial and emotional harm.

Many divorce and family law cases are handled in a business-like manner and each party goes their separate ways with a minimum of discord. Unfortunately, some cases involve a high amount of conflict between the parties. Most of the time the conflict in these cases stems from the parties’ unwillingness to cooperate with each other and they argue about money, their children, or simply the change in their relationship.

When you have a high conflict case, it requires extra care and consideration. Bringing the conflict level down, or being able to step up and deal with an opposing spouse or opposing attorney who is a bully is essential to making sure your representation is strong enough to deal with the high level of conflict. Quite simply, I do not ever use any more power than necessary to deal with the situation, but I also do not use any less power than is necessary.

Whether you own your own business, own investment real estate, have stock options, have a pension, have an inheritance, or a pre/post nuptial agreement, you have complex issues. I understand the complicated financial matters that can develop. These issues are mostly related to making sure that businesses are evaluated properly, that the correct evaluation date is used for the correct type of asset, and most importantly, making sure that all of the assets are accounted for and distributed equitably. Additionally, high asset divorces require consideration of tax issues and both future and present values of certain types of assets. I ensure that the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating are not decimated by the divorce process.