The #1 Seminole Equitable Distribution Lawyer

In a contested divorce situation you’ll need to locate an attorney who is a specializing Seminole Equitable Distribution lawyer.

As you obtain your divorce, your financial future lies ahead of you, and a mistake will cost you a lot, and for a long time.  A full, fair and complete accounting of all of the assets and liabilities of both parties is the first step in this process. Once all of the assets and liabilities are known, then they can be evaluated to see if there is a basis for excluding any of them from the marital estate.

I make sure that your assets and liabilities are all properly accounted for and evaluated as they are being equitably distributed. This is especially important in cases involving ownership of a business or other significant financial assets. Please do not believe what your spouse may be telling you about what the law provides. Your spouse is about to become your opponent and they are notoriously a bad source of information about your legal rights.

Once the assets and liabilities of the marital estate are established, then the issue becomes one of making sure the assets are properly valued and equitably distributed. I consider all of these factors when analyzing your equitable distribution scenarios in order to make sure that an equitable distribution of those assets and liabilities is achieved.

I also can enforce the provisions of a Final Judgment pertaining to equitable distribution issues, if your spouse has failed to comply with the Order of the Court.