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Probate is a widely used term and, although many people know it has something to do with Wills, many do not understand the process until they are forced to deal with it. Probate is the legal system’s process of administering the property and estate of a deceased person. The laws of the state where you live determine what happens to your property and assets after you die.

Generally speaking, probate is the process of assembling the assets (property, belongings, investments, etc.) of a deceased person, paying any medical expenses of the decedant’s last illness, the administration of the estate and any government taxes owed, prior to paying creditors, and then distributing remaining assets to the decedant’s heirs.

There are potentially many factors that determine what kind of probate administration is needed and how that administration is going to be processed.

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Largo FL Probate Lawyer

Seminole FL Probate Lawyer

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Seminole FL Probate Attorney

Largo FL Probate Law

Seminole FL Probate Law

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    • The first and foremost item is to determine where (what state) the decedent permanently lived in, not just where they died. Just because “Uncle Joe” was in Michigan at his daughter Susie’s house for the summer when he died, doesn’t mean Michigan is where he permanently resided.
    • Did the decedent have a Will? The answer to this determines whether a testate (Will) or intestate (no Will) administration is opened.
    • Is the Will the original? This sometimes leads to Will contests.
    • Where (what state) are the decedent’s assets (home, car, etc.)?
    • What is the total size of the decedent’s estate? The value of the esate determines the possible option to proceed with a formal or summary administration.
    • Who are the heirs/beneficiaries of the estate?
    • Are all the heirs/beneficiaries living?
    • Are there any heirs/beneficiaries not of legal age?
    • Can all the heirs/beneficiaries be contacted?
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TESTATE (the decedent had a Will)

Testate probate administration starts with validating the Will, so it can be properly carried out. The decedent’s loved ones and beneficiaries will receive what the decedent wanted each one to receive and what they’re entitled to.


Change of Name

(Estates of non-Florida residents) When non-residents of Florida die owning real property in our State, an ancillary administration proceeding may be needed to transfer or sell their Florida land.


A person’s Last Will and Testament disposes of one’s estate as of the date of death. A Trust controls an estate for years after a person’s death