You deserve the #1 Seminole Post Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer!

Why might you need a Seminole Post Dissolution of Marriage Lawyer?

To succeed in obtaining changes to an existing marriage agreement, a Seminole post dissolution of marriage lawyer must attend proceedings to demonstrate that the petitioning party must be able to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances to the Court. These substantial changes must be permanent, material and, for lack of better word, substantial.

Usually, these substantial changes address an increase or decrease in alimony, or child support; or custody of the minor children.

By Florida Statute, and therefore in Seminole, proper service of process must be accorded to the responding party. He/she then has thirty (30) days to file a response to the petition. Both parties will be required to file current financial affidavits, as well as certain other financial information pursuant to what’s known as mandatory disclosure. (Income tax return(s); pay stubs; loan applications; checking/saving account statements; deeds or leases regarding either party’s real property, as well as corporate and/or partnership tax returns, if appropriate, are all part of mandatory disclosure.)

Parties are encouraged to resolve their respective rights, duties, and obligations in post-dissolution of marriage proceedings by agreement, including parenting plans and parenting timeshare agreements.  If negotiated agreements cannot be reached, the courts will make a unilateral decision that both parties will then be required to abide by.