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Probate is the legal system’s process of administering the property and estate of a deceased person.


A Will is the legal document that communicates a person’s final wishes regarding their assets to their heirs.


Divorce is the legal dissolution of a marriage by the Court, initiated by either spouse.

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Losing a Loved One…

Family is a precious gift in our lives, and we are deeply sorrowed when one is lost. Losing a loved one is a difficult enough time, don’t take on more stress, let us help you through this process.

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What Previous Clients Have Said…

“Brady’s office is the best! My brother lived in Seminole and I’m in Illinois. I didn’t even need to make a third trip to Florida. Debbie shipped me the personal items I wanted, she had an estate sale, emptied and sold the house. Amazing!”


“I appreciated all their hard work. They were very thorough and insightful. When I turned in my dad’s leased car, the dealer gave me a hard time – Debbie personally went to the dealer to set them straight!”

Matt F.

“Mr. Brady was the only attorney who actually answered his phone when I called!”

Cornelius V.

“My aunt and uncle thought they were doing right, when they wrote their Wills, giving us their house. When my uncle died in 2017, we probated his Will ourselves. When my aunt died in 2018, we began my aunt’s probate the same way. All of a sudden, we were going to lose my aunt’s house because of the mess we had made. Mr. Brady’s office fixed both the probates, got us through it all AND saved the house. Thank you!”

Teresa & David

“When my second husband Moody died, I was a bit nervous his kids might want to undo what Moody said he wanted. Moody and I made some deeds a few years back so everything would be okay when one of us died. Unfortunately, one of the deeds said “and” instead of “or”. Michel and Debbie worked with Moody’s kids and everything turned out fine. Michael and Debbie were so sweet!”


“Michael G. Brady’s office is wonderful! I felt that my elderly mother had been taken advantage of, but could never prove it. Debbie found inconsistencies and errors in the deeds my mother signed in the last ten years. As a result, we were able to keep all the farm land, except one little piece, and, no foreclosures!”

Brent D.

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